Want Urgent Help To Get Your WordPress-Focused Online Business Systems Working Together?

That's my expertise. Maybe I can help you get your website work again, better and more profitable

Tech is a necessary aspect of your online business. It could make or mar your business depending on how much reliability or complexity your business has to do with it.

Rightly so, you can learn to Do-It-Yourself which makes everything cool; but you and I can admit that many times you don't want to be left stuck at trying to get your hands dirty wasting precious time (you could spend to focus onmarketing and selling) on figuring out hours upon hours how to make your website work the right way you want it to work.

Before you realise it, hours or days have gone by, you could have even complicated the whole flow and setup, and at the end, you still didn't get anything done. Business left undone, while the tech aspect left unsolved.

No one wants to go through this and I don't want you to go through it too.

So, maybe I can help out, you know....

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Don't know who you can trust to get the job done in the fastest possible amount of time without worrying
  • You're worried that programmers might get you stucked on to them making you dependent on them forever with their codes
  • You're worried that service programmers might want to sell you more than you ever even need and force you becoming dependent on them for all your need
  • You're not even exactly sure about what exactly you need and you want someone capable with great experience, sincere and upright to step in and help out. 
  • Don't know who to hire for that job you need help with, but it is too large for Fiverr and too small for a qualified consultant?
  • You need somebody who understands marketing and entrepreneurship.... AND the tech stuff. But it seems like most people can only do one or the other.

Samples of The Kind Of Tech Service We Can Help You With

We're here to help you with the tech part of everything I teach at Get Dgital Presence so you can do away with thinking about how to get things started and really focus on getting started with the business aspect.

Here are some examples of the kind of things this service is right for…

  • Helping design a landing page or squeeze page to build your list
  • Setting up a membership site dashboard or customizing training lesson pages
  • Making your homepage look more professional
  • Migrating your website to another web host
  • Helping to get things integrated and streamlined between different systems
  • Helping to setup your upsell and downsell pages for your products
  • Setting up marketing automation and email marketing system

See How Your Business Can Work Together The Way You Want It?

WordPress is an excellent Content Management System used by businesses all over the world to create their websites.

Powering over 43% websites in the world, it is suited to whatever your business need might be.

You can build a great eCommerce or membership website on top of WordPress, complete with the payment system, customer and membership management.

You can integrate your website with any preferred email marketing software so you nurture your leads and customers and make more sales

You can create simple or complex sales funnels on top of WordPress giving the most value to your customers.

And the good thing is that there is no coding needed for you to do all of this.

But you can't just think like a web developer to get this tech design profitable for your business.

You have to take the user experince into greater consideration when creating every tech aspect of your business. So when outsourcing your tech service, you must make sure the person has a good understanding of human psychology so the tech can simply be a fuel for your marketing and sales and scale your business.

It is what I do in my own business… and it is what I can (maybe) help you do, too.

If You'd Like To Have My Help, Here's How It Works

Having your project successfully done and your satisfaction of the service are my goals when I work with my clients, therefore, I always seek to ensure I fully understand the scope of their project before ever undertaking it.

Because of this, before I work with you, I'll always jump in on a FREE strategy session with you to determine your tech needs and map out the process required to solve those needs.

Understand that should you be the right fit for my service after the call, you would make a non-refundable 20% downpayment of the service charge before the service commence.

This helps me ensure you're really committed to me working with you and help prevent or reduce engagement with time wasters and frauds.

Are you really a right fit for my service?