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How a Non-Techy Dummy Can Build a High Converting Sales Funnel Website, Generate Leads and Convert 3x the Present Sales

Adeyinka Ademiluyi, author of this site

You must learn coding for months or high web developer for weeks before you build landing pages and websites...

You've heard that for years, yea?

Well, not exactly true have proven it by building real estate, church,  e-commerce and business websites without touching any line of code.

And I have made quite an amount of money doing this web development business as a freelancer.

There are times where people need a great level of customization in their website that will require coding, but most websites however great can be created without learning coding.

The code has already been written, you just have to customize the templates in a plug and play environment and create the kind of website you want.

This isn't complicated at all, many are creating their own websites, but it requires a level of research and knowledge of the plug and play environment you will need to build the website.

Yes, learning that can be hard, as there are many such plug and play environments.

My name is Adeyinka Ademiluyi and I am the founder of Get Digital Presence.

At Get Digital Presence, we have researched and  built various websites using the WordPress CMS and Shopify platform.

Then we have turned the most effective procedure of creating your website into a step by step guide for you to use.

Stage 1.  We researched and test everything

Stage 2.   You get the best strategies.

For example...

Last year, we found out that it's easier to move a website from one hosting to another without the knowledge of the present hosting company and without having to contact them if the domain is hosted elsewhere different from the web host.

We also found out few months ago that creating your website to function as a sales funnel rather than the traditional way of developing websites will multiply your lead and sales conversion

These and other know-how of web development are what you'll be getting in the Guide and Free Email Course that will be sent into your inbox.

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