When You Absolutely and Positively want the High Income Web Development Skill You Can Learn and Monetise Within 3 Days.......

Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Experience True Freedom Working From Home Making Money Designing Websites For Clients (even if you believe Getting Clients After Learning Web Design Might Be Very Hard To Come By)

You've made a decision to learn a high income skill that'll make you financially independent of the country's economic situation.

Now you're looking for how to quickly learn to  build sophisticated websites for businesses, hotels, schools, etc without writing any line of code

  • You're looking to learn a high income skill you can acquire and perfect within days and begin to monetise immediately
  • You really wants to experience freedom to work from home making money designing websites for clients.
  • You're wondering if you'll have to learn html or php before you can set up websites for yourself or clients and you're really not ready to rack your head around learning complicated programming languages
  • You have been trying to build WordPress websites by watching videos online but everything seems complicated and you really need someone to guide you through and possibly lead you towards acquiring clients also.

What if you could do away with the stress and learn web development in ONE course bundle.....just a SINGLE 7-Courses Bundle that would teach you all you need to know about  how to create different types of websites step by step within days?



Are you frustrated about the crumbling economy and seeking to become financially independent?

Have you tried to take a course in Professional Web Development but kept getting discouraged by the complicated programming languages with no one to support you on your journey?

If you're hung up on the idea that you need to be a guru at writing codes to make any real money creating websites.......

If you constantly feel the need to rise above the limitation of not being able to create sophisticated and professional websites without coding.......

If you would be ecstatic if you could build and sell websites to businesses, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc., then you need my ''Professional Web Development Course Bundle''-

Come watch me take you behind the scenes of How I create professional and high converting websites WITHOUT writing a single line of code and how you can too.

Even better is you can get to learn immeditately and in as little as 30 days of consistently creating websites, you will have at least 3 websites fully set up

Here is exactly what you'll get with the Professional Web Development Course Bundle:

  1. 1
    Course 1 on How To Create a Professional Corporate Website       (Value.....₦50,000.00)     
    With this you will be able to create sophisticated business websites for yourself, and serve as many big corporations as possible with your gift and skill without writing any line of code and potentially earn at least  50k profit per website                                                                                                               
  2. 2
    Course 2 on How To Create a Professional Blog Website       (Value.....₦50,000.00)     
    This course makes it easy to learn the fastest way to build a professional blog website, become an expert web designer for bloggers, and serve as many bloggers as possible with your skill, potentially making at least 50k profit per website while opening for you a new world of opportunities in the field of blogging.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  3. 3
    Course 3 on How To Create an eCommerce Website       (Value.....₦50,000.00)     
    Your products or your clients' products can be easily sold with an ecommerce website. Here, I take you through the step by step process of creating one without writing a line of code and potentially earn at least  50k profit per website                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  4. 4
    Course 4 on How To Create a School website with School Management System (Portal)    (Value.....₦50,000.00)    With this knowledge, you can help many schools who are now clamouring to have their own school website and portal where they can manage all school activities. You'll do this without touching any code and potentially earn at least  50k profit per website                                                                                                                                                                       
  5. 5
    Course 5 on How To Create a Hotel website with a Sophisticated Hotel Booking System   (Value.....₦50,000.00)     
    This course makes it easy to learn how to create a full fledged hotel website with a hotel booking system, become an expert hotel web designer , and serve as many hotels as possible, potentially earning at least 50k profit per website, and opening for you a new world of opportunities within the hospitality industry.                                                                                                                                                                                         
  6. 6
    Course 6 on How To Create a Restaurant website with Food Menu Ordering System   (Value.....₦50,000.00)     
    Most innovative restaurants now offer online ordering and delivery and with this knowledge you can serve them with your specialty as a restaurant web developer even without writing any code and you can potentially earn at least  50k profit per website                                                                                                                                                                                               
  7. 7
    Course 7 on How To Create a Hospital website plus hospital management System   (Value.....₦50,000.00)     
    This course makes it easy to learn how to create a full fledged hospital website with a hospital management system, become an expert hospital web designer , and serve as many hospitals as possible, potentially earning at least 50k profit per website, and opening for you a new world of opportunities within the health industry.

Total Value::   ₦350,000

If you'll join the hundreds of other people in this course TODAY, here are the added bonus you'll also get:

  • Bonus #1- 10 Premium Themes and 10 Premium Plugins You Can Immediately Use For Your Web Design(₦250,000 Value)
    These themes and plugins can be immediately used to build any website of your choice and get started right away with your training before you begin to actually make money from your skill and buying your own themes and plugins.
  • Bonus #2- How To Create a Verified PayPal Account To Send and Receive Payment ( Value -- ₦20,000)
    This training makes it easy to create a verified Paypal account in Nigeria and other restricted countries, be able to send payment for your hosting on such hosting platform that accept paypal for immediate activation and also receive payment for project received from abroad, and work with anyone from any country without the disadvantage of payment platform restriction.
  • Bonus #3- How to migrate your website from one domain to another (Value -- ₦5000 )

    This Training  makes it easy to quickly migrate website from one Web host or domain name to another, Get your (or your client's) website seemlessly moved from one domain name to another, and focus on building websites without having to be dealing with poor hosting customer service or hosting effeciency.

  • Bonus #4- How to create business email accounts and install them on Gmail  ( Value--  ₦5000)

    This training makes it easy to create your business email from your hosting account and connect it with your gmail, stop trying to check and send your business email from the webmail portal  but instead begin to check and send them from gmail on your phone and laptop, and gain the freedom to access your important emails from your phone at an instant, reducing any probability to lose important projects.

  • Bonus #5- Ready-made website proposal ( Value -- ₦50,000)

    This proposal template makes it easy to quickly send a proposal to prospects, start getting clients within days, and easily make money selling your web design skill without having to go through the rigorous stress of having to write proposals.

  • Bonus #6-Lifetime Telegram Support ( Value  --₦150,000/year Value)
    This Private group support ensures you are always attended to at any moment you have any issue about your web development endeavour. This also affords me the opportunity to serve you better, get feedback from you and update my course according to your other needs.
  • EXCLUSIVE Bonus #7 available ONLY FOR FIRST TIME VISIT ON THE PAGE before the timer ends- 60days Profitable Web Development Challenge ( Value -- ₦250,000)
    This implementation challenge makes it easy to Perfect the skill and client acquisition process, build excellent websites and acquire paying clients , and monetising your web development skill even as you keep perfecting it.

Total Value::   ₦830,000 ($1,384)

Now obviously, I’m NOT going to charge you ₦830,000.00.

I’m not even going to charge you ₦500,000 or ₦200,000 for the course bundle.

But If I DID charge you even ₦100,000 for the course and all it did is earn you over ₦1,000,000 a year if you are able to build just 2 websites per month for your clients, would it be worth it to you?

So if you become a web design expert today and understand how to sell your service to clients, what would it be worth to you?

How much would you pay to become that successful web design expert?

You can probably see why people pay over ₦50,000 for a similar result…because it’s not a cost—it’s an INVESTMENT

But because you have read this far and understanding the current economic situation of the country,  I’m going to give you a very special offer….

So if you’re going to get the Professional Web Development Course Bundle and all the bonus packages today, all you’ll have to invest is just ₦830,000.00  ₦10,000.00 ($17.00) only.


Hear What Others Are Saying

I highly recommend this product. It's useful and easy to use for all levels. It's very clear and straightforward.

Yomi Oguntoye

Amazing! Very detailed and worth much more than the price. Thank you


You will learn a lot from this course. And this is whether you know something about web design or not. As long as you have an interest, this should be your go-to course.

Aaron-Nwankwo Ogechukwu

I find the Professional Web Development Course Bundle very explanatory, with easy to follow and understand practical classes. It is a well detailed, precise and elaborate teaching on web dev. for different kinds of websites using Wordpress and I really like it!

Agbiki Tamarudoubra

This product really captures everything that I needed to learn on Website development,even as a beginner.
I recommend this product to anyone who would want to learn as well.

Aribisala Aanuoluwapo Jemimah

This product is interesting and very much comprehensible for any level of learning 👌

Adinuba Edith

An amazing product, highly interactive, pithy, and expressive. This product is highly recommended for beginners, intermediates, and professionals alike.

Oluwaseun Bankole

Your product really helped in tons of ways and anyone getting it won't regret it ever

Adegelu Fikesola

The Professional web development course bundle is everything anyone who's seeking to make money as a web developer and digital marketer must enrol for.

I love the way he simplified each details and made everything easier to understand.

You'd love it! Get it!

Akinmoladun Michael

This product is amazing, very interesting, well comprehensive for beginners, intermediate and professionals.
I humbly recommend this product, it will help to attain your goals.

Olawuyi Andrew

I've always wanted to learn web designing but was discouraged by all the coding involved until i came across this course. It's a well detailed course, simplified and easy to understand.

Kudos to the creators, more grace and God bless you

Edith Omozuavfo

Now What's The Catch

I'm sure you'll be wondering at this stage why I am giving out this 7-course bundle at this ridiculous price.

Now, just to settle that concern, there is really no catch.

My desire has been to have as many people as possible equipped with a high income skill they can use to make money for themselves without having to depend on the government policies.

Now, I also know that if I am able to give you this course bundle at this  amount, when you get the great value in the course bundle, I'm certain you'll trust me enough to buy my other courses or recommended courses that may be of a higher price.

With that said, here is your chance to become the Professional Web Developer you've always wanted to become without having to waste time complaining about not wanting to learn how to code.

Get The Course Bundle Now At Just ₦10,000 ($17.00) ONLY


If you were to hire a professional to help you create a sophisticated (not crappy) website, it might cost you between ₦50,000 to ₦200,000 in Nigeria.

But because you’re learning how to create it yourself and even sell your service AND I’m giving you all the tools and resources to make it happen fast, you only pay ₦10,000.00 ($17.00).

So at this point you have two choices. Choice #1 is to do nothing. If you do nothing with what you've read so far, what will you get? Nothing.

Or you can choose to take a leap of faith. Just test it out to see if it will work for you.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s actually okay if this course bundle doesn’t work for you because you are covered by my 30-days money back guarantee in case you don’t see any value in the course at all.

All you have to do is just reach out and your money will be refunded instantly, no question asked and you would still retain the packages.

Adeyinka Ademiluyi

The real question is this:

Is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to check this out?

Even if it only does HALF of what I’ve claimed today, it will pay for itself as soon as you begin to implement radically.



  1. Professional Web Development Course Bundle with 7 Courses (NGN350,000  Value)

  2. 10 Premium Themes and 10 Premium Plugins (₦250,000 Value)

  3. How to migrate your website from one domain/hosting to another (₦5,000 Value)

  4. How To Create a Verified PayPal Account To Send and Receive Payment (₦20,000 Value)

  5. How to create business email accounts amd install on Gmail (₦5,000 Value)

  6. Ready-made website proposal (₦50,000 Value)

  7. 12 months Private Telegram Support (₦150,000 Value)

  8. Exclusive Before Timer ends 60days Profitable Web Development Challenge ( Value -- ₦250,000)

Total Value:   ₦830,000.00.. Today ₦10,000.00 ($17.00)

Who's Behind Profitable Web Development Course Bundle?

Hey, I'm Adeyinka Ademiluyi.

Professional Web Development Course Bundle took me over 4 weeks to  put together.

I have been creating websites for my businesses since year 2018 and in year 2019, I began creating websites for other businesses both in and outside Nigeria.

I am passionate about getting as many people as possible equipped with the right digital marketing skills they require to make money for themselves online and creating this Professional Web Development Course Bundle is my gift to the world to ensure no one is without a high income skill they can employ to earn themselves money.

Yes,some fun facts.  

I'm a Christian and a Pastor.

I love to serve people any way I can. I love reading and helping people become all they are destined to be by God.

No more getting frustrated. No more giving out huge sums to web developer to build you a website. You can be the one receiving that huge amount henceforth.

You are getting a behind the scenes look into the EXACT strategy I used to create any kind of website.

I know you think there’s probably a lot of complicated stuff about web development but the truth is, my best websites are usually created in simple and straight forward method

Here’s what I want you to know…

Building websites can be amazingly simple even without writing codes when you know the simple strategy and step by step method of creating each kind of website.

And the journey can begin right away

To your success

Adeyinka Ademiluyi


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