Why Your Meta AD Campaigns Always Fail And How to Stop the Failure

by Adeyinka Ademiluyi
Lagos | May 31, 2023

Like many other business owners, you might have run ads severally without any success.

Thinking about your newly launched ad,  your mind racing, fixated on the ad

Running through your mind is the though of whether it will succeed or you are going to lose the money budgeted in the ad account without any success.

You get hopeful that this one may succeed to the extent that It is now like a gamble to you. 

Your hopes are high and the time is ticking while you await the expected result…

But it wasn’t performing, then you quickly switched it off as early as possible so you don’t waste too much money.

Worse still, maybe you even funded your ad account and Facebook shut it down…ooops!

Maybe all you know about running Meta ads is to simply click on Boost Post, aimlessly choose any objective and set any targeting you think might work…

You then get your money wasted by Mark Zukerberg.

These failures are happening so much you don’t even know why, and now you’ve almost given up on running ads….

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll share with you Why Your Meta Ads Campaign Always Fail and How To Stop The Failure

Seven Reasons Why Your Facebook/Instagram Ad Fails

Although all of these steps must be taken BEFORE you ever publish your Facebook Ad, I have grouped them in the order of relevance to your buyer's journey.

Before The Ad

  • Targeting the wrong audience

  • Your campaign strategy sucks 

Setting Up The Ad

  • Selling to a cold audience and broke consumers.

  • Targeting too large or too small an audience size with limited budget

  • Your ad copy sucks

After The Ad

  • Your sales funnel sucks

  • Your offer sucks

1. Targeting the Wrong Audience

One of the most common reasons your ad is always failing is because you are showing the ad to the wrong audience.

Your targeting sucks and it doesn’t matter what you do, the ad will always fail.

Like selling ice to Eskimos who already live in houses made of ice, you are advertising to those who are not interested at all in what you are offering.

And the main reason you do this is because you do not know your target audience.

And that brings me to the subject of …

Creating Your Customer Avatar

Everyone is not your audience. 

Everyone is not your customer.

If you don’t know your customer, everyone will look like your customer.

And that is why you are not really making sales

Because you are not speaking the language of your customers, since you don’t even know them.

To make massive sales, you must know your customers even more than they know themselves.

With this knowledge, you will know those who don’t fit to be your customers and you’ll be able to sieve them out of your marketing and not waste money, time, and effort on them.

You have to know

  • Who your customers are

  • What problem they are desperate to solve now

  • What gives them pleasure, higher status, and fulfillment

  • Their purchasing power

  • Where they live

  • Where they spend their time

  • Who their heroes are

  • What they don’t like

  • Their biases and prejudice

And a whole lot more.

For example, just because I run ads for business owners doesn’t mean every business owner is my target audience.

Far from it.

For now, my target audience are business owners (especially real estate consultants, coaches, and service providers) having fast selling quality offers, well optimised social media pages (with great content that create belief and sell) and having  an ad budget of at least ₦200,000 per month.

Yes, I don’t want to waste time with clients who don’t have enough budget for their ad let alone budget for my ad service, and who don’t even know their audience or how sales work.

If they are making enough sales already, it means they are not ignorant of how sales work, they have a great offer and an effective sales conversion system, and they won’t just toss money at me while sitting down waiting for a 24 hour magic.

With this customer avatar I have created for myself, I am able to target the very audience that I want with Facebook ads without wasting money chasing those that are not fit for my service.

How do you then set up the right targeting in your ad , and what if I offer to give you an audience idea to target, and maybe even run your ad without any cost on your part?

Well read on to the end for the offer I have for you.

2.  Your Campaign Strategy Sucks

It is not enough to have a solid idea of your customer avatar.

You must also have a bird eye view of your over-aching marketing campaign strategy.

Your Advertising campaigns are a  major part of your overall marketing campaign, but they must be carried out with a holistic strategy behind them.

There are other major parts of your marketing campaign which includes but not limited to:

  • Content marketing campaign
  • Social media marketing campaign
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Affiliate marketing campaign
  • Brand marketing campaign

And so on…

The Goals

The goals you have set in your campaign strategy will determine the objectives of your Advertising Campaign  and how you get to run those ads to meet your campaign strategy.

Without any campaign strategy, you just run your ads for the fun of it, not knowing the key progress indicators (KPIs)  to track and how to measure your Returns on Investment (ROI) because you have nothing in mind you have planned to achieve in the first place.

Your goals can include

  • Brand awareness
  • Leads Generation
  • Engagement
  • Sales Conversion

And so on....

The Chosen Channel and Content Format

So if you are a newbie in the market and you understand your target audience spends their time most on a particular platform, say Instagram for example, you want to create your Instagram account and begin your marketing via that channel.

So if you open your Instagram account and you have a great offer to sell to a hungry market you have well defined….

Have you decided on which content format you will be posting on Instagram?

Image? Video? Infographics? Or a mix of all?

Building Trust and Credibility With Content 

Do you have within your campaign strategy the plan to create irresistible contents that draw your audience to your page and keep them wanting to learn more…

Or you just want to start running sales ads to those who don’t even know you exist let alone trusting your brand?

Even if your ad is captivating, will they believe you are credible if they land on your profile to see what you’ve got there?

Will you run  Engagement ads to one of the best of those contents so you can have your page grow to a minimum of 200 followers(and consistently keep growing)  before you start running any form of conversion ad?

Leads And Sales Conversion Advertising Strategy

What is your strategy in generating sales?

Selling outrightly via your ads or generating leads and then following up on them?

If you’re generating leads, 

Will they book a call with you, 

Or get inside your email list and get nurtured via daily emails, 

Or get inside your WhatsApp lists and get nurtured inside your WhatsApp group, broadcast list or status?

What is your plan in converting the leads into sales?

How about any plan to now sell directly via ads?

Will you be selling directly to everyone even to cold audiences, or will you only be selling directly to those who have interacted with your social media pages and/or website?

Maybe you will only be promoting retargeting sales ads to those who have gotten your lead magnets and reached your sales page but didn’t buy?

Will you run these ads concurrently or one after the other?

What is your campaign strategy and do you have…

The Budget for This Strategy?

What is your budget for your overall marketing campaign?

Does it include a budget for the advertisements, ad agency and/or freelancer you’re recruiting if you are not creating the ads yourself?

How about the budget to create the creatives, funnels, influencers, etc ?

And before you run the campaign, how about

Your Metric Measurement

How do you measure the success of your ad campaign with respect to the goals of the campaign?

Do you measure by

  • Number of pre-orders, sales and upsells for new products
  • Number of leads generated for lead generation ads
  • Revenue generated for sales conversion ads
  • Engagement, shares, comments, and likes for Engagement ads
  • High Click Through Rate (CTR) to measure ad helpfulness and relevance
  • Low Cost per action
  • Return on Ads Spend

Without tracking your ad campaign, you will be like someone firing arrows aimlessly expecting it to just hit somewhere without any idea of a particular place to hit.

As you can see, without a great campaign strategy, it is difficult to run a profitable ad because you won’t even know where to start from.

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  • Selling to a cold audience and consumer.
  • Targeting too large or too small an audience size with limited budget
  • Your ad copy sucks
  • Your sales funnel sucks
  • Your offer sucks

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