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How To Design A High Converting Ecommerce Website In 2021 The Best Way

Do You want to learn how to design a high converting ecommerce website that sells like crazy?

Anybody can set up an online store on platforms like Shopify, or Woocomerce and begin selling the next day.

But building a high converting ecommerce website goes a step further.

You want your eCommerce website to convert more visitors into buyers and you want your buyers to be happy shopping on your site.

Whether you’re building the ecommerce website for yourself or for your client, it is important that you optimise it for high conversion.

Who wants to buy from a site that looks boring, unattractive, with no clear navigation and very slow?

No one, right?

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And you definitely don’t want your ecommerce website to turn out that way.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have optimised your ecommerce website for high-conversion and you’ll be able to see more sales and less bounce rate or cart abandonment.

And you’ll also have a list of plugins I use in designing high converting websites.

This post is for you if you want to design your website for high conversion.

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What Will I Learn?

Decide On Your Conversion Metrics

You can not really state whether or not your website is converting if you don’t have any metrics to measure the conversion. 

What are the goals, the means, and the end goal that your website should attain? 

Getting the sales shouldn’t be the only goal. Several goals, when achieved, lead to the sales. 

Some of your conversion metric can be:

  1. Online sales 

This is the end goal for most ecommerce website. You want to ensure visitors make the purchase and customers make repeat purchases 

  1. Add To Cart 

Online sales wouldn’t be made unless products are added to cart. The number of visitors on your website versus the number of those who added to cart should be measured 

  1. Email list subscription 

You want to have a way to reach your visitors without always having to spend money on advertising. Getting them to give you their email address should be one of your most important goals. 

  1. Add To Wishlist

Not every visitor that visits your website is ready to make a purchase right away. Measuring add to wishlist gives you an insight into what your site visitors really desire to buy and how you can ensure the sales process is completed

  1. Social Shares

Among other things, your conversion metric might be the number of those who love your website and its products enough to share with their friends on social media. 

Best Practices On How  To Design A High Converting Ecommerce Website 

Having set your conversion goals, the following best practices should be put in place in order to have your ecommerce website optimised for high conversion.

1. Use High Quality Product Images and Videos

You want your ecommerce website to stand out and be perceived as being credible.

Using high-quality product images and videos on your product pages makes your eCommerce website have an appearance of excellence and professionalism.

2. Use Search Engine Optimized Product Descriptions

With Quality Product images and videos, writing persuasive and search engine optimized product descriptions will get your product descriptions in the front of potential buyers in the search engines.

It will also ensure they are persuaded to add the product to their cart and eventually buy.

3. Install An Optin Popup

An Optin popup or any other optin form placed strategically on your ecommerce website ensures that your visitors are able to give their email address in exchange for any gift like coupons or free shipping

With your visitors’ email address, you are able to follow up on them and convert them into .buyers in the future.

4. Add To Cart Button On Homepage

Some websites overlook the fact that humans always want the easy way out.

Offer your website visitor an opportunity to add to cart directly on the homepage without first having to clickt to the product page before adding to cart.

This ensures they can add to cart and proceed to checkout directly without any hassle.

5. Checkout Option On Homepage

Shorten the steps taken to the checkout by offering your visitors an option to checkout directly from the homepage once they add to the cart.

This ensures they have easy buying experience on your site , the bounce rate is made lower, and there is higher conversion.

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6. Headless Checkout Page

The checkout page is one of the most crucial pages in an e-commerce website.

Having a headless checkout page, that is, the checkout page without the header menu navigation, ensures your visitors have only the checkout fields to focus on and any other distraction is greatly reduced.

This increases the rate at which purchase is made at the checkout page.

7. Countdown Timer Placed At The Product And Checkout Pages

This probably should be one of the most important best practices in designing a high converting website.

Placing countdown timers as seen in the image below help in getting your visitors to make their purchase in earnest, thereby preventing being distracted and abandoning the product at checkout page.

8. Order Bump At The Checkout Page

This feature allows you to place a product one-click upsell right above the place your order button at the checkout.

This helps to increase the average order value of your buyers and make more sales for you.

9. Add Latest Purchase Notifications

With this feature, you’re able to increase your average order value by offering your buyers more complementary value to what they already ordered.

This Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) feature gets to make your ecommerce website appear more credible.

Buyers want to be sure they are surfing on a credible website .

The notifications will not only give them assurance that your website is busy, it will also get them to make the purchase for the fear of missing out on what’s being purchased on your website

10. Add Reviews To Your Cart Page

People are more prone to make decisions based on the recommendations of others, even of those they have never met before.

Adding the reviews of others to your cart page ensures that your visitors have more reasons to make that purchase.

11. Add Trust Badges To Your Product Pages

Humans have a way to place their trust on a website that appears to be trustworthy.

Adding trust badges to your site therefore is one of the biggest favor you’ll do your business in order to win the trust of some skeptic visitors and increase your conversion rate.

12. Add A FOMO POPUP On Exit

Distracted visitors who want to leave the website can be met by an exit popup that promises a discount or any other entising gift that lures the visitor to stay on the site and make a purchase.

Adding an exit popup on your eCommerce site can greatly lead to higher conversions.

13. Improve The Site Speed

No one wants to visit a very slow website. It is said that human attention to span is less than 8 seconds.

You don’t want to put off your site visitors with a slow website.

One of the first thing to ensure on your site is to optimize it for speed and ensure it loads completely in less than 4 seconds.

It has been proven that the higher your site speed, the higher the conversion rate you will have.

14. Use Clear Call To Action

Using clear Call To Action that tells your visitors what to click on will help to drive more conversions.

You don’t want to assume that your site visitors know what to do.

Your job is to tell them what to do, whether to add to cart or place order or add to wishlist or add to waiting list.

15. Use Clear Navigation Path

A lot of websites have high bounce rate because visitors don’t know where to click upon to get to their desired place on the site.

Providing your site visitors a clear navigation path that takes them through the most important parts of your website will greatly help on having high conversion on your site

Now, Optimize Your Website For Higher Conversions.

Now that I have given you the basics on how to design a high converting ecommerce website, It’s time to implement the various best practices and ensure your website becomes a busy market place.

Get your domain at Namecheap and your hosting set up on Interserver (if you’re using Woocommerce) or use a self hosted platform like Shopify or Bigcommerce.

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Implement the best practices above and you’ll be on your way to having a high converting website.

Now I bet you know how to design a high converting eCommerce website.

Share this post with your folks if you got value from it and let me know in the comment section what other ways you can build a high converting website

By Adeyinka

Adeyinka Ademiluyi is the author of The Road To Wealth: How To Harness Your Inner Power To Make Wealth And Bless Your World With The Gift Of You .

He is also the lead web designer and content writer at Get Digital Presence, a Web design agency helping businesses build their business platforms-websites, funnels, and landing pages, by which they generate massive eads and sales

He is passionate about helping freelancers and entrepreneurs acquire truckloads of clients and customers via the Growth iIncome System.

Adeyinka Ademiluyi hosts monthly events in his private Facebook group, Growth Income Cartel, where different wealth creation initiatives are taught by experts from different fields so members can rapidly grow their wealth

He is also a minister of the gospel and enjoys seeing people getting transformed

Adeyinka is on a mission to see God’s people become ultra wealthy and financial giants, passionate about the advancement of the Kingdom of God, and the manifestation of God’s fullness in their lives and ministry.

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