How To Build A High Converting Woocommerce Website In 2021 The Best Way

How to build a high converting woocommerce website

Looking to build your own ecommerce website using Woocommerce?

Imagine having to wake up to fid out customer have ordered your produts from your websites without having to bother about sending those social media enquiries you often get before purchases are made…

The feeling you get knowing your website is there as a sales man to convert every visitor into a customer while you get busy delivering the products to your customers…

This post will give you the most detailed steps on how to build a high converting Woocommerce website from scratch whether you’re building it for yourself or for a client.

And you don’t have to be a programmer to have your Woocommerce website built.

Although learning programming might be an added advantage if you want to have more custom website built and in depth customization done on your website.

Within the next 15 minutes, you’ll have set the foundation for a great and world-class eCommerce store based on Woocommerce if you follow through with the steps below

What Will I Learn?

Why Woocomerce As A Platform?

While there are many ecommerce platform out there, one of the best platform is Woocommerce.

Woocomerce itself, unlike other platforms, is a plugin, based on the most popular Content Management System in the world- WordPress.

It is a free plugin that gives you everything you need to build your ecommerce website.

With thousands of free and paid themes built to support Woocommerce sites, you are sure to have the best e-commerce site built.

Woocommerce allows you to add coupons.

it integrates with Facebook, and Google marketing and allows you to sell on Facebook and Instagram.

You can upload your products at once from the back end and from the app, and you can customize your site with any Woocommerce theme.

How about the ability to accept different payment methods, manage end to end fulfillment while also setting customs shipping methods and rules worldwide?

Woocmerce, along with several free and paid plugins will help you accomplish that also.

With Woocommerce, customers have the ability to create their accounts.

You can set up wishlist page, upsells, varioble products, product galleries, product descriptions, mini cart icon, and several other e-commerce features.

In fact, everything you can imagine an ecommerce should accomplish can be done using Woocommerce using thousands of free and paid plugins in the WordPress directory.

How To Build A High Converting Woocommerce Website – Step By Step Guide

  • Step 1: Choose And Register Your Domain Name On Namecheap
  • Step 2: Sign up for Interserver Web hosting
  • Step 3: Install WordPress On Interserver
  • Step 4: Install and set up Woocommerce
  • Step 5: Install and configure your theme and other plugins
  • Step 6: Upload your products
  • Step 7: Test, then Launch Your Site

Step 1 : Choose And Register Your Domain

The first step in building your eCommerce website or any other website for that matter is choosing the domain name ( that you’ll be using.

Among several domain registrars, we recommend you use Namecheap

Namecheap gives you an easy way to search for and register your domain name.

Search for your domain name with Namecheap in the widget below

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

Once you’ve settled on the domain name you want to use and you’ve purchased from Namecheap, then go ahead to step 2.

Step 2: Sign up for Interserver Web hosting

While you have the option of hosting your website on the same hosting service you registered your domain, it is not advisable to do so.

Many opt for that because of the free domain name that comes with the Web hosting, for 1 year.

However, I recommend hosting your site on a different hosting service, as this gives you an effortless ability to migrate your site away from the hosting service without having to consult the hosting company

Sign up for Interserver Web hosting, one of the fastest and cheapest web hosting in the world of internet

It currently sells at 65% discount for $2.5 USD.

Interserver gives you a price lock guarantee, meaning the rate with which you register is the rate for the life span of your account and you are given unlimited storage to host your sites.

You will have the option of getting the first month for 1 cent only if you click any of the links above or this Interserver link. Just use the coupon code GETDIGITAL as shown on the header section when you click the link.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Once you have signed up for your hosting using the domain name you registered on Nameserver, you’ll be given 2 DNS nameservers by Interserver or any other Web host.

Your cPanel details and FTP details will be sent to your email address also.

Replace the nameservers on your Namecheap account with the 2 nameservers you’re given by Interserver and your DNS will propagate to Interserver within 24 hours.

Step 3: Install WordPress On Interserver

Learning how to build a high converting woocommerce website begins with learning how to use WordPress.

Once you’re done setting up your hosting and while waiting for the DNS to propagate to Interserver within 24 hours, you can install WordPress on your interserver hosting or any hosting you may have registered with.

Simply login to your hosting account and from there to your Cpanel.

You can also login directly to your cpanel with the details given you by your hosting service provider.

Scroll down to Softaculous Apps Installer section in the Cpanel and click on the WordPress script.

On the Softaculous page, under the WordPress description, click on install now

Once taken to the WordPress install page, fill in all the blanks and then click install.

Once installed, you can login to your WordPress backend via https://websiteurl/wp-admin.

Step 4: Install and set up Woocommerce

At the WordPress back end, go to the menu section and click Plugins, then Add new and search for Woocommerce.

Install Woocommerce plugin, activate it and click the set up wizard to set up Woocommerce.

Once done, find Woocommerce in the admin menu section, click on the settings and go through each section and configure the plugin according to your website specifics.

Step 5: Install and configure your theme and other plugins

Once you have configured Woocommerce, search for the most suitable Woocommerce theme you want for your business from the repository.

You can also search directly from the WordPress back end by clicking the Themes subsection of Appearance section in the admin menu, then click the Add new beside the Themes menu.

There are thousands of free themes for you to choose from in the WordPress respository.

You can as well buy new themes from Themeforest.

I recommend you get Shoptimizer, a Commerce Gurus theme built with speed and high conversion in focus.

You can begin the configuration of your theme by installing the demo website or configuring it from scratch from the WordPress customizer area using the theme documentation as a guide.

You then install security, backup, optimization, marketing, analytics and other required plugins that will make the website a truly safe and profitable one.

Step 6: Upload your products

While configuring your theme and plugins, you may have to upload a few products to test the theme appearance and plugins effectiveness.

You can also upload the remaining products in your stock after the theme and plugins configuration.

Go to the admin menu, underneath Woocommerce, you’ll see Products.

Hover on the Products, and click Add New..

Write a great headline, upload the product images, write a powerful product description and set the price of the products.

Step 7: Test, then Launch Your Site

When you have configured all necessary plugins, configured the theme, created the different necessary pages and uploaded your products, the next step is to test whether the site is working as envisioned.

You’ll need to test the payment procedures, the emails, the optin forms and pages, the speed and every function of the plugins installed and ascertain all is working as intended.

Once every part of the site has been confirmed to function as intended, then you can have the launch of the site according to your promotion plan.

Build the Site For High Conversion

There are certain parameters that should be placed on your website for it to be optimised for high conversion and make huge sales.

This post details how to build a high converting eommerce website by focusing on at least 15 conversion parameters.

Read more: How To Design A High Converting E-commerce Website

Build your woocommerce website using the details on the post and you’ll have the huge sales made as the reward for your effort.

If you have learnt a great deal from this post, kindly share with your friends on your social media using the social media buttons below.

If you also have any question or comment, kindly comment in the comment section below.

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