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How To Acquire More Clients As A Lawyer In Nigeria

Are you such a Lawyer whose name rings in the minds of many of the people requiring the services you offer?

When the names, contacts, and websites of lawyers with clout are searched for on the internet, does your name come up in the search engine, on social media or on the lips of the people needing your service?

If not, do you desire to make yourself known and let the world benefit from the wealth of the service you have to offer or are you just content being the local lawyer in that small neighbourhood?

If you are tired of being in oblivion, how do you then become such a respected lawyer like Femi Falana, Abimbola Akeredolu, etc.and acquire more clients as a Lawyer in Nigeria?

The secret is what you're about to learn in this post.

But just before I continue...

First, you know you are in the Legal market, right?

And you're aware the Legal profession is still a business even though it's such a noble one, yea?

Having to choose between outright advertising in order to acquire clients for your service and strictly following the Rules For Professional Conduct(RPC) which limits the use of advertising a Lawyer can engage in, has become a headache for some Lawyers in Nigeria.

Well, you shouldn't have to choose between the two options.

What if I tell you it's possible to acquire lots of clients as a Lawyer in Nigeria without having to break the written rules?

If you are a Lawyer practicing in Nigeria, this post is aimed at helping you acquire as many clients as you want just as the legends in the Legal profession have done it.

Without further ado, let's get right into the 7 ways by which you can subtly advertise your service and get yourself known to potential clients without soliciting for briefs and breaking the RPC (2007)

What Will I Learn?

9 Ways To Acquire Clients As A Lawyer In Nigeria

1. Come To Terms With The High Value You've Got To Offer

If you do not see yourself as a well respected legal pratitioner, no one will.

The society will treat you and perceive you exactly the way you perceive yourself.

Do you see yourself as a highly valued lawyer people are privileged to work with? Then carry yourself that way!

Others may call it packaging, but that is the way you will be able to attract those looking for well to do, knowledgeable and efficient lawyers who know their onions.

To acquire more clients as a Lawyer in Nigeria begins with being seen as a person of value and it begins with your perception about yourself and the way you portray it to others.

You accomplish this by:

  1. Picturing and recognising yourself as the best in town at what you do
  2. Be really good and efficient at what you do by always learning and practising
  3. Put your best foot forward always whether in your dressing, pictures on the internet, manner of approach, your opinion pieces,  or use of the social media

2. Get Online Searchers Asking For Your Legal Aid

In this 21st century, one of the fastest method of attracting potential clients and getting them to queue up at your space, and knocking at your door to become your client is by creating a lead generation website.

Your lead generation website, unlike a traditional website, is designed to specifically turn visitors into potential clients by getting them sign up on your website in exchange for your helpful and powerful magnetic content that addresses their pain points and desires.

As people search online for solutions to their pains, they come across your search engine optimized website promising them information that contains solution to the very problem they are facing.

Since they want to move away from their pain and they find your website ebook or video content helpful, they can as well immediately reach you to help fix their pain.

You accomplish this by:

  1. Setting up the lead generation website.
  2. Creating the high value written or video contant that addresses their specific problem
  3. Turn the content into a lead magnet and give them in exchange for their email address
  4. Immediately get them to request for an interview on your available scheduled times using softwares like Calendly.
  5. Close them as clients if they are fit for your service and ready or keep following up on them if they are not ready

3. Get Them To Easily Find You

You have a website now, so what next?

You are a Legal Practioner....

Your potential clients will only get to know you are one they can trust when they begin to see and read legal opinions published by you on matters they are very concerned about.

Now you have at your disposal the tool to let your voice known by your target audience anywhere in the world...

You do this by publishing blog posts that addresses their pain points and your legal opinions on trending societal issues.

When you combine Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing to your published written or video contents...

You open to yourself the avanue to be easily found online via search and social media.

And you give yourself the opportunity to thrive and become the go-to Lawyer when anyone need help in such aspect.

You accomplish this by:

  1. Publishng blog posts consistently on your website
  2. Publishing Legal opinions consistently on your social media accounts
  3. Optimize your blog posts for search engines
  4. Share your published blog posts on social media
  5. Build rapport with your followers and subscribers.

4. Increase Your Speed Of Recognition

If you have started publishing your legal opinions on your website and social media, that is a great start.

However, not many people might get to know or read your contents at the start.

If you want to reduce the time for you to get recognized by worthy clients, your best bet is to advertise your legal opinion.

Doing this wouldn't break the RPC Rule 39(2) and (3) as you wouldn't be soliciting for professional employment, nor will you be critiquing any other lawyer.

The ads for each of these publications wouldn't stay too long also as to cause annoyances to those to whom they are directed.

Your primary purpose of running the paid ads for your contents is to get people know quickly that you exist and get them pay attention to your opinions on your website and social media.

5. Be Known For One Thing

While it is great to be a lawyer practising the different aspects of law, most serious clients that need serioous minded lawyers will only go for those who specialise in a certain aspect of the law.

Being known as  Immigration Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, Criminal Defence Lawyer, or Transactional Lawyer puts you in a better advantage to getting serious minded clients than being known as a General Practice Lawyer.

So, while you may pratise other aspects of law, it is to your advantage that you are mainly known for one or two aspects of law.

 And to get this right into the mind of your target clients, get it written every where for all to see on your websites and social media profiles.

6. Be Ceative With Educational Trainings

Apart from publishing contents on your website and social media, I have seen this method very practicable when my Lawyer friend practised it.

You have chosen a niche for your legal profession, now you can take it to the next step by hosting Free training sessions.

This can be done most likely in a social media group like Telegram and you invite your followers, subscribers and many others to the group training.

You will achieve a faster level of result as you will be giving direct help to your specific target clients who are right there at your finger tips wanting to know more.

Once they are satisfied with your level of mastery in the aspect of law, then you already have tons of group members queing up to be your clients.

7. Get Known For a Cause and Help With Pro Bono Work.

Many of the known Lawyers all over the world are known because of the cause they chose to follow.

Whether its a civil right cause, or a politically motivated cause, or any other cause, these Lawyers distaingued themselves by offering either Pro bono work or they work at a very reduced rate.

Simply identifying with the less privileged in an area could literally cause people online to rally round and begin to retain you as their Lawyer.

8. Get Into the News

In business, positioning is the key to becoming relevant to interested clients.

Getting your publications published in newspapers and online medium is one way to increase your credibility and get more people aware of your legal service.

As you increase your own effort on your website and social media, you will also begin to get your opinions and thoughts taken up by these news media and published as news on their platform.

All these will eventually shoot you up as a thought leader in the Legal space and get people seeking your services when needed.

9.  Get Into Partnership With Your Dream 100

Your Dream 100 are those influential people who  are leaders over the congregation of your dream clients.

If you are a commercial/corporate lawyer for instance, admins of business related Facebook groups, high value twitter business influencers, bloggers in business niche, etc are your Dream 100.

You must however note that to get the attention of these high valued people, you must have done your homework and commenced the step 1 to 8 above.

This is because people will only allow you access to their audience when you have proven yourself to be a person of value.

This is why news organisations will even interview you in the first place, when you have proven your worth in the society.

So partnering with your Dream 100 by getting to write opinion pieces in their blogs and Facebook groups, called upon to educate their group members or even getting interviewed by them will open to you doors beyond your imagination.

What You Should Do Now

Now that you already know the 7 powerful and step by step method of acquiring clients as a Lawyer,

Take the first step today by creating your social media pages and lead generation websites

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