How To Make Facebook Ads Work For Your Ecommerce Business

by Adeyinka Ademiluyio
Lagosi | November 20, 2021

Trying to scale your ecommerce business significantly in 2024?

The biggest decision you can make for your business right now is to ensure you scale it with the speed of light.

Money requires speed to grow and businesses that understand how to innovate with speed will always beat their competitors.

To 10x your business sales in 2024, there are 4 moves you must make which are: 

  • Significantly Increase Your Lead Generation
  • Significantly IIncrease Your Sales Conversion
  • Increase The Amount Each Customer Spend By Customer Ascension
  • Make Repeat Purchase a Big Focus Of Your Sales Strategy Especially By Selling Products Each Customer Will Buy Over and Over

But how then can you successfully achieve great results when pursuing these moves?

That’s where the power of Facebook Ads come into play in your ecommerce business.

Only if you know the strategy required to make the Big moves with Facebook Ads to skyrocket your business sales in 2024.

If your plan is to harness the power of Facebook Ads for your ecommerce business without having to waste your time and efforts creating money wasting ads that will never ever and never ever convert…..

Follow These Steps Below To Make Facebook Ads Work For Your Business

1. Beyond Products, Sell Offers To Your Ecommerce Website Visitors

In the online world, like every other industry, what makes ecommerce business owners sell like crazy is first of all depending on how strong the offer is.

Your customers are not in your online shop to buy a wristwatch, a jewellery, a shoe, an IPhone, or a security camera,

They are in your shop instead to buy what these products can do for them.

They want luxury, class, safety, convenience, beautiful photoshoot, etc.

If you understand how to craft a great offer and present your products via Facebook Ads and/or Google Ads as the vehicle for the offer, then your sales will skyrocket in 2024.

The more irresistible your offer is, the more sales conversion  and positive Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS) you will see daily as your promote your products with paid ads

2.  Target Those Who Desperately Wants Your Product Via Facebook Ads

It is one thing to have a great offer to sell, it is another thing to use Facebook ads to drive hungry buyers to your ecom website.

Driving people with deep desire for what you have to offer requires the great skill of an experienced advertiser to target these people on Facebook

But you don’t have to keep doing trial and error with your money running ads that won’t convert.

As a business owner, your marketing and sales are the most important duty you must be in charge of even if you have employees handling it.

Yes, and even if you outsource it to freelance ad experts.


Because Sales is the Lifeblood of your business.

Sd if you must skyrocket your business growth in 2024, then it begins by skyrocketing your Sales.

And that begins by you actually learning how to run Facebook ads yourself.

3.  Remarket To Those Who Didn't Complete Their Transactions

The uniqueness of running a Facebook Ad campaign is the ability to remarket to/retarget those who already visited your website or added to cart but didn’t complete their transactions.

You must do this  so they can return to perform the action you want them to perform.

Can you remember visiting a website to check out a product, you added it to your cart but somehow got distracted so you couldn’t purchase the product.…

only to see that product following you everywhere you go, on Facebook and on other websites?

That’s the power of a retargeting ad.

Ensuring you ALWAYS recover lost sales 

And you can implement it both with Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

It is said that it takes 7 interactions with a product before most transactions are made.

Retargeting ads ensures you recover some sales you couldn’t make when your visitors first see your ad.

4. Your Ad Creatives Must Arrest The Attention Of Your Audience

One thing that compels people to click your ad and browse through is how great your Ad creatives are whether you’re using images or videos.

In fact, to get better result, you must test both image and video ad creatives

However, ensure your ad creatives are of high quality in both copy script, and design.

According to WebFX, users are more likely to watch Facebook video  about 5 times

If your video isn’t solid at all, you may end up wasting your Ads budget trying to create an ad that doesn't attract  its target audience.


Learning how to generate sales with Facebook ads will help you 10x your business revenue like Adeleke Samuel did lJanuary last year in the screenshot below

You can make millions fromselling a single product with Facebook Ads when you use his method as he teaches it in his Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint.

Later on, you can expand to more products as you scale your sales with Facebook Ads

Right now, there re over 40 million Facebook users in Nigeria that you can reach with your ads if you really want to 10x your revenue in 2024.

And out of the 84& internet uses in Nigeria, Google has a share of 99.4&.

This means there are over 80 million people that you can serve your Google ads to in Nigeria if you understand how to run a profitable ad campaign.

I mean, you can right now buy thigh quality traffic from Facebook and have them rush your products so much you sell out fast every day.

This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend scaling your business growth with Paid ads because of the control you have.

I also recommend learning how to run Facebook ads because:

  • You won't need to be held hostage by busy and expensive advertisers, especially those who won't even get you any result 
  • It is so easy to learn Facebook Ads from real experts who have spent millions running proftable ad campaigns
  • You can easily start with Facebook Ads and then when you are profitable, you can add a second traffic channel so you can be omnipresent and have a very strong brand like Jumia.
  • And the profits can be fast and crazy when you run ad campaigns

So, How Come a Lot of Nigerians Are Not Doing This?

There are three reasons:

(1) They don't know much about running paid ads

(2) They know about it but they've wasted money running ads the wrong way- ads that won't convert.

(3) Scaling your ecommerce business with paid ads works best if you have a decent ad budget (not those 1k/day ad budget) and willing to deliver on your Offer..

But the good thing is that you can turn your ad spend into a lot of profits within a few weeks if you use a proven system.

Talking about a proven system, permit me to invite you to a guys who has helped many business owners like you learn how to create profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns

He is Adeleke Samuel 

He has created a comprehensive Ultimate Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint-

Learning How To Run Profitable Facebook Ads Has Helped Him To

  • Build a 7 Figures/Month Ecommerce Businesss
  • Get Paid $$$$ Monthly
  • Relocate Abroad To Live Comfortably

If you too want to 19x your ecommerce product sales this year 2024, then you should click the lbutton below to get the course.

One more thing...

In case you are having doubts about if running profitable Facebook ad campaigns will work for ecommerce business or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you follow the simple rules that Adeleke Samuel explains in the Blueprint

Just wait until you see the various testimonies from Samuel's students in this blueprint

It is now your decision to make.

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