Is your business at the stage where it's passionately striving for rapid growth beyond its present cashflow?

Your Business Growth Needs The Touch of a Digital Marketing Consultant....and I am here to help you out.

Every business reaches that threshold of growth at which point it needs the extra hand of a marketing professional to scale. 

Here is how I can help you scale with my EMAIL LIST MANAGEMENT SERVICE


Adeyinka is an excellent digital marketer who helped our company create amazing lead generation funnels, wrote the sales copy, built the sales funnel and even ran a successful Facebook  Ad campaign that generated over 1000 leads at a very low cost per lead.

Our email marketing also took a new turn when we hired him. I highly recommend him any day any time for your Facebook AD service, email marketing, and any digital marketing service you need him for. He is more than capable.

Gideon Dosu  | Manager, Family Booster Ministries

Fully Managed Email List Management Services

I use my Email List Management expertise to help my clients take their business to the next level.

By creating segmented, personalised and automated nurturing sequences for my clients to help them build healthy relationships with their leads and customers in order to increase sales, they are able to see more conversions from their advertising spend and content marketing and thereby see significant growth in their businesses.

I work with my clients to offer a fully tailored email list management service unique to their industry granting them the confidence to generate leads consistently knowing the power of email marketing to increase the lifetime value of every lead generated.

My comprehensive service includes

  • Strategy & Email Funnel  

Helping clients to manage their email lists has afforded me the privilege of developing email list management strategies that will help increase your deliverability and conversion rate.

I'll assess the products you offer together with your overall marketing promotions and strategies and then recommend the email funnel I beieve will help your business increase returns on marketing investment and scale to the next level.

  • Email List Audit and Audience Research

Where possible, I start with an extensive email list account audit to determine scale of email list cleaning in order to maintain a healthy list and improve deliverability rate.

Combining this with my market research process to understand your customer avatar, I can make sure your campaign gets off to the best start possible.

  • Email Campaign Structure

Understanding your overall marketing promotion and determining the email funnel ensures I help you create a winning email marketing campaign unique to your business and guaranteed to significantly increase your returns on marketing investment.

  • Subcribers Tagging and Segmentation

My unique approach in ensuring your emails speak to your subscribers in the most personalised manner informs my strategy to always tag and segment my clients' list.

This ensures each of my client's subscribers only receives the email that addresses them uniquely and thereby drives their engagement and conversion.

  • Tracking & Optimization

I closely monitor the performance of each email in any email campaigns and adjust accordingly. I’ve shown that continually monitoring the open rates, click through rates, click to open rate etc. can lead to incredible improvements in return on marketing investment over time.

Who Is This Service For?

My fully managed Email List Management service is suitable for companies that have at least an active 3000 subscribers email list.

Best results are likely to be achieved if you have a proven conversion and sales process.

However, I have helped my clients build high-performing customer acquisition email sales funnels from scratch, so it’s not a problem if you are just getting started.

I have a track record of delivering fantastic results with Email list management for my clients.

I’ll love to be a part of your journey and help you take your business to the next level.

If you would like to find out more, you can click the button below to schedule a free 30-minute call with me:

What others are saying about Adeyinka:

Adeyinka does an amazing job at creating fully functional sales funnels and he always delivers right on time. This has been my constant experience working with him. I'll most gladly refer him to anyone who needs any of his services, for his skills and truly professional work ethic.

Adekola Babarinsa  | Conversion Copywriter

Mr Adeyinka is a true expert when it comes to marketing. His ad campaigns are meticulously crafted to resonate with the target audience, leading to engagement levels that exceed our expectations. His talent for copywriting is impressive; he has the uncanny ability to captivate and compel with his words, driving our sales upward. Beyond his skill set, Adeyinka's genuine dedication to seeing your business succeed sets him apart from others. He doesn't merely offer services, and he delivers tangible results. In an industry filled with self-proclaimed experts, Adeyinka truly stands out. His work is more than a recommendation; it's an endorsement of exceptional quality.

Bukola Timothy  | Conversion Copywriter

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