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Just Before You Decide on Building That Website

Before you build your website, ask yourself this question.

“To what purpose am I building this website?”

What is the website meant to accomplish?

Except you just want to have a website for the sake of having one, I believe you should have a goal in mind.

Having such a goal in mind will help you focus your attention and energy rightly on what solution you should have and how it will fulfill the purpose.

Are you looking to build credibility or show expertise on a subject? Will a blog suffice for that?

Are you looking to generate leads from paid ads? Maybe a landing page/funnel will suffice?

Do you need to sell an ebook, an audio or video course? Will a sales funnel, or learning management system suffice?

Are you a school owner? How about having a school website plus school management system?

Are you a business owner,? Will having a traditional website do the job of showcasing your business to the world?

Before you make that call to your Web developer, ask yourself now what you really want to accomplish.