How Charles Raised Enough Money For Visa and Ticket Fee To Travel To UK Using A Simple 5 Step Affiliate Marketing System That Can Transform Your Life!!

(This Is NOT A Get Rich Quick Scheme Or MLM Of Any Sort)

   by Ufuoma Desmond
  Lekki|November 30, 2021

Welcome My friend,

I want to assure you that you will never regret using your precious time and mbs to go through this Case Study.

I value your time so much and I honestly would give you the best.

But before I dive into today’s case study, I want to prepare your mind again for what I’m about to reveal to you.

What I want to share with you came from my years of experience, sweat, and sacrifice my good health and grit, so I'm here to make it easier for you.

However, I would like to make this disclaimer right now;

While this Case Study will improve your knowledge and money making skills, I am not making any guarantee of specific results of any kind if…

…you are not ready to invest money and put in the work that is required!

Yes, I and Mr Charles made up to N2million in weeks, but we, especially him, had to put in serious hard-work to make it work out.

So I’m putting this disclaimer because some people will want to reap from where they did not sow.

Reading from now till the end of the Case Study will get you nowhere until you apply what you have learnt.

It is when you apply this knowledge correctly as instructed, that is when you get the results like I do.

With that, let me get straight into today’s Case Study


"Desmond, I need help. I just received my admission letter for my Masters in UK, but na just N143,000 dey my hand now. I don ask for help everywhere but you know as country be. Nobody get to give

I need to raise money for my travel and other important things, but I no know how to do am.

Emma told me what you did for him to go to Canada. Help your boy abeg"

This was a WhatsApp message from Charles who has been applying for admission abroad for a long time and now he has it. He knew when I helped Emma to raise enough money for Canada travels.

For Mr Charles, he just finished burying his father and as first born from Ibo land, he has spent almost all he had, and didn't know how to raise another N2million+ again to process his travel.

I really was not chanced when he approached me, but being a person with fellow feelings, I decided to work with him.

In 11 weeks or so, we were able to pull in more than that N2million.

As we speak, he is already in the UK.

So how did he do it?

You are about to see the EXACT 5 STEPS we took, if you read this article to the end.

But before I do that, let me briefly introduce myself...

Ufuoma Desmond is my name, an Underground Internet Marketer, Who Has Helped Over 133 Clients Creating Their Very Own Profitable 6 - 7 Figure Per Month Selling Digital And Physical Products Online.

I'm also recognized by top shots in the industry for my witty marketing strategies such as Mr Nzimora, Mr Toyin Omotosho, And Czar

I'm also working closely along with my partner, Adeyinka Ademiluyi, who is actually publishing this report

I and my partner, Adeyinka Ademiluyi, are sharing this today because I received about 31 messages from my subscribers asking about an online business that can be used to raise money quickly.

About 7 of them wanted to get married in the next 2 months, and the rest wanted to travel out just like Charles.

As usual, I recommended that they get a superb online course that will teach how to achieve that. 

But about 25 persons didn't buy

When I tried asking them, the major reason why they didn't was because the courses they bought in the past were too much to consume and even when they tried it, it didn't work as promised and they are tired of buying courses. 

I do agree with them a bit because the courses I even bought recently had over 20 videos and it was not even practical enough. 

So, instead of allowing you to be bored with over 20 videos of dull teaching, I have decided to share this with you in this report.

This method I'm about to reveal, was the same method that helped me to raise money when I wanted to raise money for my school fees in 2012 at Laspotech.

I used it for Emmanuel, but not fully, yet he made over 4 Million to travel to Canada.

However, with Charles, who was a total novice about selling online, I had to help him implement it from beginning to end.

So What Did We Do?

After 24 hours of researching and thinking and strategizing; here is what we did

Step 1.

We Researched A Problem That People Are Willing To Pay To Solve, Which Charles Was Familiar With;

This is actually the first step to take in order to succeed with selling anything successfully online or offline. 

Without doing this, you will not be able to make money with affiliate marketing. I know this is totally different from what you have been hearing. 

The gurus usually tell you to find a hot product. But what they forget to tell you is that, a product becomes hot because, THERE ARE A TON OF PEOPLE WILLING TO BUY IT, and you can only know that, BY RESEARCHING!

It is through research, we came to the conclusion that a lot of people are still looking for ways to travel abroad, either through study or work programs. They are really tired of Nigeria and the era of CHANGE.

And people are willing to pay for it without thinking twice.

We also found out that more people preferred the UK because they know a lot of people such as relatives, friends are there and it would be easier to get started with life and start earning money.

And with Mr Charles, having a good knowledge of processing UK Travelling, it will be an added advantage to help these people, and get paid for it.

So he has a hot solution people are seeking to pay for

(Here's A Quick Tip; If you are choosing a market to promote products to, make sure it is one you have some knowledge in.  And even if you don't have any knowledge about it, make sure it is one you are interested in. This will help you to convince people more to buy the product you recommend to them.)

Step 2.

He Searched A Fitting Solution In Form Of A Digital Product Form And Became An Affiliate To It.

Since he is a newbie and doesn't know how to create an ebook or video course, I showed him how to search out a product that teaches people this solution, become an affiliate and sell it for a commission.

He then got the man who has the digital product that teaches how to travel to UK successfully and became an affiliate to the product

With this, he doesn't need to create anything or package anything from scratch.

All he has to do is to recommend people to visit the website of the product through his affiliate link and whenever anybody purchases, he gets paid.

Now, he had a solution to sell for profits

Step 3.

Next, we created an Online Selling System that will convince people that the Digital Information Product Charles is recommending is genuine and they have to buy it if they wanted to achieve the same results like he did.

This was not created by trial and error because this was my field and I have been creating an Online Selling System for years.

That is why Emma told Charles to come to me in the first place. 

So I and Charles spent about 3 days in creating a persuasive online selling system, to sell his UK Visa and for him to earn his commissions

We spent N6,000 in getting a Domain Name & Hosting from

Also, we opened an email marketing system (which is also known as Autoresponder) with an online Company called Getresponse. They gave him the opportunity to use their services for 30 days for free.

And we created up to 7 emails that we will insert into the autoresponder, that will be sent for 7 days.

With this, we will be able to collect the details of people who are interested in getting this digital solution and follow them up via email until they buy.

We then created 2 simple web pages, which are the squeeze pages and the thank you page, inserted his affiliate link and uploaded them into the website, making it a super simple but convincing Online Selling System that will make him good profits 

We set up everything in less than 3 hours and it was all set

Step 4.

We Used the N120,000 To Advertise Charles's Online Selling System On Facebook

With this set, the next thing we did was to run Facebook Ads For 6 days Straight, using N20,000 per day budget.

Why Facebook?

Because it houses over 20million Nigerians and way cheaper to advertise than other advertising platforms

When setting up the ads, we found out that over 1 million Nigerians were interested in Immigration to Canada and I targeted them.

So we created the ad and made sure it was running successfully.

What Was The Results?

By the 1st - 5th day of running the ads, there were no sales.

Charles was already skeptical and falling into depression that sales are not coming, but I told him to be patient.

By the 6th day, a sale came through and he earned a commission of about N10,000.

He was so happy 

The 7th - 8th day, no sale came, but from the 9th day, he got 3 sales 

From that 10th day, sales started coming in almost everyday.

Infact, after 14 days, he borrowed more money continue running ads and the sales never stopped coming in 

Step 5

Followed Them Up Until They Bought.

As time went by, people started sending him mails to make more inquiries. 

Having full knowledge of this solution as he has already succeeded in it, it was not hard from Charles to answer all of their questions easily.

Infact, he even got one person who paid him huge amount to process the whole procedure for his family

At the end of the campaign, Charles was able to make N2.05million in commission into his bank account, selling this Travel to UK product as an affiliate, 

He is in UK right now enjoying his life 

Now, this business model I just share, is what has made tons of Nigerians lots of money, and till date just like these guy below;

But somehow, it is becoming harder to implement...

You might have tried it and come to see that almost everyone is doing almost the same thing, causing stiff competition.

However, I Discovered A Simple Twist Which I Tried And I'm 100% Confident That It Will Work.

I stumbled upon it when I wanted to raise some additional cash for my elder brother's health emergency.

 I call this NEW TWIST, The 5 Step S.E.D.P Method!

With this, I was able to raise N493,500 in the first month, and in the following month, I used it for the International Market and he made $3522.96.

I even tried it again around June this year and the method still works, even better than before.

You can check my screenshot earnings via this link

And I highly recommend it because;

With this 5 Step S.E.D.P. Method, you can be able to setup your Profitable Affiliate business in 90 Mins or Less (yes, you don't need to spend days setting it up)

It doesn't need a lots of money to start (at least N50,000- N100,000 will go a long way to start)

It doesn't require much research because we will be focusing on ONE MARKET OF PEOPLE that is ready to buy any product that solves that particular problem, no matter how much the price of the product is.

You don't even have to over search for a fitting product because it is already created (All you have to do is to be an affiliate and you can start selling even today)

No need to import any product from China or local sourcing from Jiji

And it is highly profitable because almost a few people know about it.

But I know you might be asking: 

"How Can I Get Started On This?",

"I Have Up to N50,000 To Start Something. How Can You Help Me?"

That is why I have created a STEP by STEP Online Workshop that takes you by the hand on how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business in less than 90 minutes that will make you up to N150,000 or more every month, even if you don't know where to begin

Many people are looking to raise more money for projects, especially as we approach December. And most people turn to starting a viable Internet Business.

However, the majority get burnt after buying courses upon courses and failing woefully

This is not supposed to be.

If you happen to have between N50,000 - N100,000 and really want to start a business without buying another course, then I have created this workshop for you.

I call it...

The S.E.D.P. Affiliate CashOut Workshop

How To Build A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business In The Next 90 Minutes Using The 5 Step S.E.D.P. Method, Even If You Don't Know Where To Begin...

In this 90 minutes Workshop, you will see the following:

- The Simple 5 Steps To Building A Profitable Digital Information Product Business Using The S.E.D.P. Method

- The HOT MARKET That You Will Be Selling The Product To And How To Find Them

- How To Get These People To Trust You And Buy The Product You Recommend To Them Instead Of Buying Through Other People

- And so much more

And don't worry, it is not a video training full of white background slides, that will burn your data or waste your time without showing you anything 

You will see everything step by step where I tell you "do this and do that", so that you will not be lost at any point at all.

That is why I called it a FULL 90 MINUTES WORKSHOP

To Get Access To The Workshop, Click Here and you'll be directed to the workshop Immediately

And One More Thing 

In case of any doubts that this business model will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK

It did work for Charles who doesn't know a single thing about doing affiliate marketing online

And Yes, it will work...

- even if, you are a housewife with children

- even if, you are still a student

- even if, you are a very busy person 

- even if, you have never ever done any online business before

However, this will NOT work if...

- you are not ready to do the work that is required

This is a real business for serious people who are ready to set up something worthwhile and put in some work to get results.

All you have to do is; sell one type of digital information product as an affiliate that helps solve a problem, while you profit from it.

It is now your decision to make.

If you have what it takes and what to start today, simply click the button below 

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