Affiliate Guide

Dear Affiliate,

Thank you for joining this awesome Get Digital Presence affiliate program.

Here is your chance to make as much as you want to make promoting the Professional Web Development Online Training course and subsequent courses that will be created.

To ensure you have a smooth ride as an affiliate, this guide is created so you can quickly begin to use the resources available to you.

Here are the things you should know

Affiliate Percentage: Our affiliate percentage is in two tiers: 30% commission for less than 10 referral sales and 50% commission for 10 referral sales and above.

Affiliate Payment: Affiliates will be paid their commission every Friday for the previous week’s paid referrals. You will need to send your Bank account details and your affiliate ID to our Whatsapp contact or email and you’ll be credited on the payment day.

Affiliate links: Your primary affiliate link can be found right in your Affiliate Area. Click the left MENU and click Affiliate URLs. Your default affiliate URL is the Professional Web Development Online Training Course URL. You can change the URL to any page URL of your choice within the website that may relate to the course you’re promoting. As long as your referrals buy the course, you’ll be awarded the commission if you are the last person that refers them.

Track Affiliate Links: In the AFFILIATE URL tab, you can choose to track the sources of your referrals, that is where they are coming from, by attaching different platforms you intend to use to your affiliate link. Simply input in the CAMPAIGN NAME section, your source platform, e.g. Facebook and your new referral URL will be automatically generated. Do that for every other sources you intend to promote your referral url link from. Then check the VISIT segment of your Dashboard or Menu and you’ll see where your referrals are coming from. Then you can make informed decision on where to concentrate your promotional efforts.

Affiliate Coupons: As an affiliate, you can incentivize your prospects by giving them your unique 22% coupon code to use at Checkout. The coupon code is tracked to you even if your referrals didn’t get to the checkout through your referral link. You can find the coupon code in the COUPON section of the left Menu in your affiliate area.

Affiliate Creatives: You can choose to use the creatives to promote the courses. You can find the creatives in the CREATIVES section of the Menu in your affiliate area.

Affiliate Referrals and Order Details: Once you start referring, you can find your successful paid referrals in the REFERRAL section of the Menu and their order details in the ORDER DETAILS section in your affiliate area.

Got any questions? Reach out to support via the support Whatsapp or email and you’ll be attended to.