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Email Marketing Startup Online Training

WARNING: If You Want To Set Up The Marketing Funnel To Sell Your Products, Run Email Marketing, Build A Well Nurtured Audience List, And Make Predictable Online Sales Without Getting Intimidated By Big Money Marketers, Join This Online Training Right Now

Dear friend,

Almost every affiliate marketer, course creator, coach and ecom marketer is talking about Sales funnel. But what most don’t teach is the email marketing funnel segment of it that completes the funnel cycle.

This well known but little understood marketing strategy will put a stop to worrying about where the next online sale will come from or if your ad spend will even yield profitable result.

It is the strategy that will position your business to convert visitors to leads and generating predictable number of sales using the proven email marketing funnel system.

The Exact step by step blueprint to set up your email marketing funnel to sell your information products, services, and physical products

Let me show you how to set up these 4 step blueprint, swtich them on at the same time and watch your revenue grow

  1. Generate Leads With Lead Funnel

2. Convert Some Leads Immediately To Customers with the Sales Funnel

3. Nurture Leads and Customers With Proper Email Sequence Using Your Autoresponder

4. Convert a Larger Percentage Of Leads To Loyal Customers and Advocates Via Your Email Marketing Funnel

Are you getting frustrated at tthe fact that it is difficult to have a predictable assurance of online sales from your audience without the danger of one day getting banned on social media or getting broke running ads?

Do you still need the answer to this question before you can move forward: “How do I set up the funnel to collect leads, nurture them via emails and make sales?”

Maybe you’re also still hung up on the idea that setting up email marketing is a complex secret known only to big online marketers.

In fact, when it comes to email marketing, you’re probably convinced that big money advertisers actually don’t mind you FAILING so they can keep running the town..

But when all is said and done, you just want to live the dream lifestyle of a successful online marketer.

And setting up a perfect email marketing funnel to run your profitable business with email marketing is your leverage in this game of onlne sales.


Because unlike every other marketing channel, it is proven statisticlly that for every $1 spent on email marketing you stand a chance of receiving $36 in return!

Are you seeing what i’m seeing?

Never affected by algorithm change….

Meaning you can never loose money with email marketing as you even own the audience forever unlike social media where you’re borrowing the platform.

But how then do you set up everything so you can get the big share of your cake in this online sales quest?

Here is where I come in- to help you get started right away!

I am inviting you to check out my Email Marketing Startup Online Training, so you can take total control of your revenue guiding your website visitors and your email lists to the point of purchase without worrying if your ad spend will yield result.

What makes this even better?

You can set it all up in as little as the 2 days we are having this online training!

Here’s exactly what you will get with the 2 Days Email Marketing Startup Online Training

Day 1: Creating Your Lead Funnel System where we set out the strategy, tools and resources you require to create a lead generation system that will continually suck in leads for your product, and your email welcome series that will nurture your lead and prepare them to buy your products.

Day 2: Create Your Sales Funnel System where we set out the strategy, tools and resources required to create a complete sales funnel that not only immediately convert visitors into customers but also convert a larger portion of the leads into customers via your email marketing funnel.

At the end of these 2 days Online training, you will already have your online business readily setup and running while you watch the sales coming as you fill the funnel with leads.

And that’s not all

If you register for these 2 Days online training today, here are the Premium Bonuses you get in addition

  1. Specialised Email Marketing Templates (₦15,000 Value)
    At the end of the 2 Days training, you will get specialised 7 Days email sequence templates for digital products, another for physical produtcs, and another for freelance service. This ensures you get started quickly creating your email marketing funnel and increase the speed of your sales and revenue geneation.
  2. Ecommerce Web Development Course (₦5,000 Value)
    The course makes it easy for any ecom marketer to create an eCommerce website to sell any product without having to write any line of code and becoming free from being held hostage by expensive web developers.
  3. 12 High Converting Sales Funnel Templates For Different Industries (₦20,000 Value)
    These templates make it easy to choose the best funnel design for your online business without starting from scratch. Quickly create your sales funnel pages and start collecting leads and generating sales without racking your head figuring out how to begin the funnels.. With this, you increase the speed of your audience building and sales generation, earning you more money in shorter period of time..
  4. Premium Page Builder Plugins (₦250,000/year Value)
    This software makes it easy to build your high converting funnel pages without writing any line of code, have your funnels set up professionally on your own website, and have a readily set up sales funnel that will 10x your online sales without having to break the bank hiring a web developer
  5. Verified Business Paypal Creation Training (₦10,000 Value)
    This training makes it easy to have your verified business Paypal account created, receive payments from abroad using Paypal without suffering the limitation placed on Nigerian’s Paypal accounts, and enjoy the luxury of finally selling your products to customers outside Nigeria, thereby earning in dollars.
  6. Sales Funnel Mastery LITE (₦1,500 Value)
    In this mini course, you will learn the foundation of sales funnel and how to create your own sales funnel to sell any products you want to sell.
  7. Weekly Virtual Training In Our Private Group ( Priceless)
    This weekly virtual training will afford you the opportunity to get answers to your questions and improve your knowledge and experience with email marketing funnel, thereby leading to more results in your business.

Total Value: ₦401,500.00

Of course I won’t charge you ₦401,500.00, not in this economy. But If I did charged you even just ₦50,000.00 and if all it did for you is to sell out your products, will it worth the investment for you?

This Online Training will sell for ₦12,500 by the time it is converted into a proper course.

But because you’ll be one of the LIVE participants, you’re getting it almost for FREE if you enroll today.

Frequently Asked Questions

This online training is for anyone that wants to have a predictable online sales of their courses, ebooks, coaching, other digital products and even physical products using email marketing funnel
The online training is holding on December 10th and 11th, 2022.
The Live Online Training is holding in a Private Facebook Group. You get immediate access to join the group upon your registration
Yes. The training will be turned into a course which you'll get access to. Besides, the video trainings will remain as is on the Facebook group

Professional Blog Website Creation

Acquire More Customer and Make Other Side Income Using The Power Of a Blog.

If you’re an intending Freelancer, a content creator, affiliate marketer or a businesss person wanting to acquire customers fast via blogging, then you understand this is the right time to create your own blog website.

You’re already tired of worrying about where the next customer will come from……..

You have chosen to begin your content creation journey and make yourself visible and available to people searching for your products or services.

But the issue still remians that you really do not know how to create a professional blog website that will separate you from the amateurs out there.

You worry if you’ll need to learn coding in other to put up a blog website for your business.

I want you to put that fear to rest because creating a professional blog website is not as complex as you might think and does not require you writing any line of code.

You just need someone to hold you by your hand and teach you step by step how to create a blog website from scratch.

Yea, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an ecommerce seller or a freelancer, a course creator, affiliate marketer or you just want to be a professional blogger like Linda Ikeji or Neil Patel.

You’ll want to use a blog to massively grow your reach, build your list, acquire customers/clients and establish your credibility before many other businesses and individuals.

Yes, it’s easy to outsource the creation of your own blog to others. The problem only comes when that your web developer claims to be busy, holding your project hostage for days or weeks while you and your business project stay helplessly waiting without end.

Why not grab the opportunity to learn the basics of how to create a professional blog website, improve on your skill, perfect it and be the boss of your own business and time

Then outsourcing it wouldn’t be a matter of inability but a matter of saving time when you can afford to give it out for outsiders or your employees to help out.

Want to get started learning how to create your own professional blog website?

Click on the Take This Course button, enroll in the course, and I’ll see you in the classroom.

Professional Web Development Course Bundle-FREE

Ecommerce Web Development Course

Build The Most Profitable Ecommerce Business Using Your Ecommerce Website To Scale Your Sales.

You’ve decided to go all in to have a functional profitable eCommerce website created for your online business so you can drive more traffic to it and convert more people to become customers even while you’re sleeping.

But the issue still boils down to how you can create it yourself without writing any line of code, or at least have a thorough knowledge of how an eCommerce website is created so you don’t get ghosted by that ‘busy’ web developer delaying your business processes.

If your goal is to make managing your online business stressless for you without having to call your web developer every single time to help work on your website, then this course is definitely for you.

Imagine having to pay your web developer ₦5000 to ₦10,000 every time just for him to update some plugins causing isssue on your website, something you can easily do yourself.

That’s what one of my landing page client did!

I was unreachable for some days and she had to pay a web developer to work on her website which only required updating the plugins.

I would have done that for FREE as I do with my clients, but not everyone will do that for Free. Infact, some web developers charge MONTHLY RETAINER FEE to help manage your website.

All of that will be over if you get this course today and set your business on course towards greater profitability and EASE.

Professional Web Development Course Bundle

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