Can You Really Make Urgent 750k With Affiliate Marketing in 30 Days?

make money with affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing got Mr. Johnson to be a recipient of ₦;1,051,999 cheque as his affiliate commission from the Expernaire platform in the year 2019.

In the Year 2020, another young man, Pascal, received his ₦;2,292,000 cheque as commission from the same affiliate network

In March 2021, a young man, Inneh Joseph, within the space of 30days made N632,000  as an affiliate commission also selling products as an affiliate ONLY via Whatsapp and beginning to enjoy the financial life he had always wanted.

What do all of these young men have in common?

With resilience to change the status quo and achieve the life of their dreams despite the present economic challenge of Nigeria, they ventured into one of the most promising business models of the age-Affiliate Marketing, beginning thier journey from this free video training here

I will show you later in this post their secret in making these outrageous and life-changing money using just their smartphones and how some combine the use of their laptop to make money with affliate marketing

Affiliate marketing as a business model has truly changed many lives and propelled many unto wealth.

Yet, there are many others who have no clue as to what it is or how to make money with affiliate marketing.

What Will I Learn?

Why Am I Publishing This Post?

Do you have a job not paying you well or are you a broke banker counting money that isn't yours and you desire an immediate financial upgrade?

In this challenging time where the best of hard working people are finding it difficult to cope with the rising inflation, increased house rent, expensive food items and a desire to escape the rabbit hole of rising economic crises of the country... 

This post s for you if you are frustrated about your low-level income and you want to start a side business that requires little to no capital using just your smartphone and (optionally) your laptop 

Rather than getting stuck with the job that is getting you not enough money to fund your life dreams, why not begin to make money with affiliate marketing until you begin to make double your salary and then quit your job to live the life of your dream?

I have decided to write this post so that by the time you are done reading, when you take action, you also will join the league of those making six, seven and if possible, eight figures monthly with affiliate marketing.

What You Will Learn

While it is not enough just to know about how to make money with affiliate marketing, your ultimate goal reading this post is to implement what you will learn.

By the end of reading today's post, you should have understood:

What affiliate marketing is

  1. How to choose which product to sell
  2. Where to find products to sell
  3. How to promote your affiliate products
  4. How to set up a stong affiliate marketing business
  5. Basic skills you require for a successful affiliate marketing business.
  6. Why many people fail with affiliate marketing

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Let's begin quickly with the first lesson:

What Is This Money Harvesting Business Called Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the business model whereby an individual or a corporate organization known as an affiliate is paid a commission by another business for referring leads or customers to the business.

The marketing efforts to bring these leads or customers to the business are carried out by the affiliate in order to get customers to buy from the vendor.

As simple as it is to define, there are many people struggling to make a single sale via affiliate marketing.

You will think everyone should just get it and become very wealthy.

But those who understand the system are reaping the fruit of this very strong business model.

The remaining paragraphs below will show you the godfather strategies to make money with affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Markeing Work?

Here is the simple process of how affiliate marketing work:

Step 1

Vendors or businesses create products for sale.

Step 2

They then create an in-house affiliate program or they outsource to affiliate networks

Step 3

Individuals also known as affilaites or publishers sign up as affiliates to promote the products.

Step 4

Once confirmed as affiliates, they get their affiliate links with unique ID (cloaked with cookies) to promote the products

Step 5

Affiliate places the links within their funnels and run traffic to it.

Step 6

The visitors click the link leading to the vendor's or affiliate network's website where they buy the proucts.

Step 7

The affiliate system (with information from the cookie) records the sale against the referring affiliate.

Step 8

The referring affiliate is then paid his or her commission for the sales made.

As I wrote in number 2 above, you can either join an affiliate program created by the vendor or join the affiliate program through the middle man called an affiliate network.

Below are some of the best affiliate programs you can join immediately as a Nigerian

11 Best Affiliate Programs To Join In Nigeria

These are some of the best affiliate programs you can join in Nigeria and start making money promoting their offers:

  1. Getresponse
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. Bluehost
  4. Buildapreneur
  5. Interserver
  6. Jumia
  7. Konga
  8. Clickfunnels
  9. Groovefunnels
  10. Shopify
  11. Cartflow

And if instead you want to join an affiliate network, I recommend the following below:

7 Best Affiliate Networks You Can Join In Nigeria

How Much Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

There is no limit to the amount you can make with affiliate marketing.

There are affiliates who have made ₦1,000,000 per month simply promoting affiliate products even on their WhatsApp and there are those making up to ₦100,000,000 a year.

It all depends on your marketing strategy, how large your buying audience is, and how well you can close sales.

Imagine promoting a product worth ₦30,000 and your commission is 50%, meaning you earn ₦15,000 for every sale.

If you could make ONLY 3 sales per day( of which you can make more), that means you earn ₦45,000 daily and within 30days, yo have earned at least ₦1,350,000.00 just selling one product you didn't make!

And what if you are very lazy and you make just one sale per day?

You will still end up making about ₦450,000 in 30days of consistent sale per day.

Can you now see that to make money with affiliate marketing is as seasy as it gets but requires employing strong strategies you will read on in the next section

Setting up a strong affiliate marketing business system is the secret to making the most with affiliate marketing and you can start learning that in the next section

How To Set Up A Strong Affiliate Marketing Business With Expertnaire

Heads Up

Many affiliate struggle with affiliate marketing because they lack the required skiils and strategies to employ in making affiliate sales.

But JUST ONE THING common with every successful affiliates on the Expertnaire platform, including those 3 mentioned above is they got themselves into the very known but rarely emphasized 72IG implementation program now selling at ₦50,000 and shooting up in price very soon.

By the way, Expertnaire is the affiliate network in Nigeria created by the famous successful enterpreneur Toyin Omotoso

Understanding the underground playbook used by these affilates is your secret to making money with affiliate marketing which you wouldn't see in the free videos and contents online.

With that said, lets' get right in to the strategies employed by these super affiliates so you also can begin to make money with affiliate marketing.

Like every other business, making money with affiliate marketing regardless of the affiliate network you are working with  boils down to setting up 3 fundamental units of your business which are:

  1. The Offer
  2. The Funnel
  3. The Traffic

1. The Offer

Before you begin with this business, you would first determine what niche you want to focus on. Always ensure you focus on the niche you are most comfortable focusing on and that has a huge buying audience size.

Having made your decision, then apply to be an affiliate and get confirmed.

Once you get your affiliate product links, then your next step is to plan your marketing strategy.

Part of your marketing and sales strategy is to determine how you want to present the product to the visitor.

You can decide to just promote the product alone by attaching the link as a text link on your blog posts, email newsletters or social media posts expecting people to click and buy.

You can as well attach extra bonuses for those that will get the product through your affiliate link and spur more people to convert to customers because of the bonuses.

Having a strong offer is the key to converting more of your traffic into buyers

2. The Funnel.

The funnel is the process and mechanism set up to convert your cold audience to a warm audience and then to customers.

It can take various forms some of which are:

  1. Sales Funnel
  2. Content Sales Funnel
  3. Email Funnel
  4. Social Media Funnel

Sales Funnel

This is the traditional way of building your sales funnel.

You lead your traffic to a landing page containing an opt-in form to collect their email address in exchange for a lead magnet and you then lead them to the sales page where they buy the product.

Content Sales Funnel

This is the same as the sales funnel above except the fact that the traffic comes from reading blog content on your website.

By clicking a text link or a content upgrade on your website, the visitor is redirected straight to the product sales page or to your opt-in page from where he or she is redirected to the product sales page

Email Funnel

Knowing that the purpose of the funnel is to get your visitor to know, like, and trust you, following up on them via emails is the purpose of taking their email address in the first place so they can finally buy the products if they didn't the first time.

With the email funnel, you begin to follow up on your email list and market your offer to them and make your sales.

Social Media Funnel

Rather than build complex sales funnels, you can as well carry out all marketing and sales on your social media pages, be it Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp.

All you need is to get the content on your social media pages and visitors then come to your comment section or they send a message and you continue the sales conversation from there.

3. The Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business.

If you don't fill your funnel with traffic, you really will have no one to buy from you in the first place and this is the beginning of the frustration of so many affiliates.

The following are the ways to direct traffic to your funnel:

  1. Create and distribute contents consistently on social media in other to get organic traffic coming back to your page
  2. Publish and distribute your quality blog posts consistently to get search traffic to your website
  3. Run paid advertisements on social media networks to direct traffic to your funnel

In summary, the following are the 7 steps yo will need to take to set up your affiliate marketing business

7 Steps To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Follow these steps to start your affiliate marketing today:

  1. Decide on your niche
  2. Decide on the product you want to promote
  3. Sign up for the affiliate program or network
  4. Set up your affiliate system
  5. Be patient and consistently follow up on your leads
  6. Make sales and earn your commission
  7. Rinse and repeat

Some Plain Talk About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be your easy way out of financial struggle you may be facing.

However, as good as this is a solid fact, not everone who tried to go into affiliate marketing ends up successful.

There are lots of frustrated people who are still trying to figure out their way into making it with affiliate marketing.

Their problem, however, is they want to learn everything on their own without anyone guiding them personally, so they spend months and years trying to figure the system out.

The truth is,  just like any other business, there are business and psychological skills and strategies you will require before you can begin to make consistent sales with affiliate marketing.

Simply giving people your affiliate links wouldn't result in any sale and you've got to understand the art and science of making affiliate sales.

Some of the skills you will require for a robust and profitable affiliate marketing include:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Copywriting
  3. Email marketing
  4. Web tech
  5. Positioning

Having these skills and the strategies required to empoy them towards making sales will make the difference in your affiliate marketing journey.

Hence, your best option is to follow the blueprint used by other successful affiliates and employ the various skills they have used to  become successful.

What You Should Do Now

If you have a burning passion to start making money from affiliate marketing, you need to start implementing what you have read right away.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and want personalized training on how to make with affiliate marketing using:

  • Smartphone and WhatsApp (Like Inneh Joseph and many others) and/or
  • Paid ad and Sales funnel?

What you actually need to be successful with affiliate marketing now:

  1. A smartphone with internet connection
  2. WhatsApp on your smartphone
  3. A Laptop with internet connection (for you to master affiliate marketing as a complete digital marketing business...optional if you are using Whatsapp funnel)

If you meet the above criteria and have a serious desire to save yourself from financial instability, then click to watch this FREE Video training now to begin your affiliate marketing business

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