3 Best Conversion Metrics

Hey friend, I thought of sharing with you 3 conversion metrics by which you must measure the success of your website/funnel conversion.

What Will I Learn?

Bounce Rate.

Are your website pages and copy  designed and written to keep visitors on your website and get them go from one page to another or do visitors bounce back on getting to your website?

You must always measure the performance of each page on your website.

Just make google analytics your friend and start optimizing your pages design and copy (the headline, structure, content) so visitors can spend more time on your website. 

Of course, you should know this affects Google ranking of the relevance of your website.

Lead Conversion Rate.

You didnt create your website or funnel just for show.

You created the website so you can grow your business with it.

Your business will only grow when you generate leads and sales every day.

So it is vital to measure how the pages of your website are converting visitors into leads.

You shouldn’t just be content with having a website, you should ALWAYS see that visitors on your website are getting converted into leads.

Ensure you place optin forms at strategic places on your website and use content upgrades so you can have more people subscribe to your newsletter.

Making google analytics your friend and using tags will let you know which form and page is Converting and its conversion rate.

Then you can optimize the whole page or the forms depending on your metric.

Sales Conversion.

Well, except your website is just for information or branding purpose, I guess you want to make sales on it.

Your google analytics , tag manager and Facebook pixel can also help you see your abandoned cart rate, and your sales conversion rate.

Knowing this will help you tighten any lose part of your website and optimize your website for more conversion.

Go work on this short guide and watch your Conversion rate increase.

By Adeyinka

Adeyinka Ademiluyi is the author of The Road To Wealth: How To Harness Your Inner Power To Make Wealth And Bless Your World With The Gift Of You .

He is also the lead web designer and content writer at Get Digital Presence, a Web design agency helping businesses build their business platforms-websites, funnels, and landing pages, by which they generate massive eads and sales

He is passionate about helping freelancers and entrepreneurs acquire truckloads of clients and customers via the Growth iIncome System.

Adeyinka Ademiluyi hosts monthly events in his private Facebook group, Growth Income Cartel, where different wealth creation initiatives are taught by experts from different fields so members can rapidly grow their wealth

He is also a minister of the gospel and enjoys seeing people getting transformed

Adeyinka is on a mission to see God’s people become ultra wealthy and financial giants, passionate about the advancement of the Kingdom of God, and the manifestation of God’s fullness in their lives and ministry.

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